K65 Tubes and Fittings

K65 tubes and fittings have been developed to provide more environmentally friendly and safe cooling solutions, which supermarkets and other large-scale consumers of refrigeration systems are demanding in increasing numbers.

Cooling systems with the environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2 (R744) are becoming more widespread. CO2 allows for lower electricity consumption.

As a refrigerant, however, CO2 presents a challenge in that it increases the cooling system’s operating pressure. K65 tubes and fittings provide the solution since they can withstand an operating pressure of up to 80 and 130 bar, respectively, which corresponds to what CO2 cooling systems require.

K65 system solutions consist of Wieland K65 tubes and IBP Conex|Bänninger K65 fittings, and the suppliers guarantee safety. K65 tubes are also certified by the German Technical Inspection Association [TÜV].

The tubes have a particularly strong alloy and tubes and fittings are connected by brazing, which helps to strengthen the installation’s resistance. The strength of K65 makes it possible for the tubes and fittings to have thinner walls than what is normally required for pure high-pressure copper installations. This means that the weight of the tubes is low and that they are easy to handle.

Wieland Manner is a wholesaler in Scandinavia for K65 tubes.

K65 tubes, dimensions