We supply high-quality round rods in many different dimensions in alloys of brass, copper, bronze, German silver, or aluminum.

We have a large selection of rectangular rods in brass, copper, and bronze as well as hexagonal rods in brass and bronze. In addition, we supply rails and wire in brass and copper. Our brass rods are exceptionally straight, which reduces vibrations at high RPMs and results in less wear on tools during the machining process. Profile rods in production quantities can be supplied upon request. Get an overview of the supply range for machining.

Get an overview of the supply range for machining.

Brass Rods




Copper Rods


Bronze Rods


Aluminum Rods


German Silver Rods

  • Rails
    We supply rails in brass, copper, aluminum bronze, cast bronze, and tin bronze.
  • Wire
    Wire and sectional wire from Wieland is used in a wide variety of applications in various industries. For example, it can be used for fine components in the optical industry.
  • Beveling
    During production at Wieland Werke, most of Manner Metal’s rods are beveled at an angle of 45 degrees.
    However, some rods are available in dimensions that are not beveled as a standard. Thus, we offer beveling for all types of rods that have not been beveled during the production stage.
    In some cases, it may also be necessary that we bevel rods that have been shortened in order to fit them into the machines.
    Examples of rods that are not beveled include brass round rods with a diameter greater than 50 cm and brass hexagonal rods with a diameter greater than 32 cm.
    Please inform the salesperson if you would like beveling included as part of the offer.
  • Shortening
    Our standard rods measure 3 meters long. Upon request, we offer shortening of the rods for our customers.
    For some alloys, we also have the option of supplying rods measuring 4 meters long to customers who need this.
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