Bronze Rods

  • Tin Bronze
    We supply round rods, hexagonal rods, and rectangular rods in tin bronze.
    CuSn8P is a tin bronze alloy that includes phosphorus and that lives up to the highest standards for product quality, ensuring a good and reliable production process.
    In addition to the drawn CuSn8P rods in turning quality, we also have cast CUSn12 rods.


  • Aluminum Bronze
    We supply round rods, rectangular rods, hexagonal bars, wire, sheets, and profile rods in aluminum bronze.
    CuAl10Ni5Fe4 CW307G aluminum bronze has an aluminum content between 8 and 12.5%. With this alloy, corrosion resistance is optimized, which is crucial for materials used in the machinery industry and shipbuilding.


  • Bearing Bronze
    We have round bars, rectangular bars, hexagonal bars, and profile bars in bearing bronze.

Aluminum Bronze Rods, Alloys

Cast Rods, Alloys

Tin Bronze Rods, Alloys