Chips and Scrap

Chips and scrap metal are an essential element for the production of new metal raw materials.

Wieland Manner gladly buys brass chips from the machining process. We also buy other scrap in copper alloys such as punching waste, rod ends, clippings, and wire from the manufacture of products.

The recycling of chips and scrap metal helps to protect the environment. Brass and copper alloys can be recycled without negatively affecting the material. It only requires that the chips are collected and that chips from different alloys are not mixed together. It is important that the alloys of the chips and scrap that we pick up are pure and have a low moisture content. It is therefore a requirement that they comply with the regulations in EN 12861 for scrap.

Wieland Manner always provides you with suitable packaging in the form of metal containers or big bags, and we also take care of picking up chips and scrap ourselves.

A Danish company that sells metal scrap within Denmark’s borders has the reverse obligation with respect to value-added tax (VAT). This means that it is the buyer that needs to pay Danish VAT.

Read our rules for recycling scrap

Just-in-Time Stock

Wieland Manner offers just-in-time delivery of products that the customer does not have storage space for.

It is possible to maintain your production volume and buy a limited share at a time over a longer period.

For the production of special products, our sales department is available to ensure that you receive the goods when you need them.

The offering depends on how large the production quantity is and how long the products need to be stored.

We check and label all goods and ensure all planning from the manufacture to the invoicing of individual deliveries.

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